free speech zone

Colleges and universities are supposed to be places where freedom of expression flourishes. Sadly, that is not the case. At a recent debate on the Yale University campus, 66 percent of the attendees supported a proposition that "free speech is threatened."
On March 4, 2016 CNN did a report on U.S. Congressman Steve Russell, of Oklahoma, who had just produced his second annual "Waste Watch," a list of all the things he believes Americans would or should, be shocked to find their tax dollars go to.
Mohammad Abdollahi weighs in on the start of the deportation process for certain Central American families.
Kirby Dick discusses the purpose of his film “Hunting Ground.”
A debate over public nudity in the New Hampshire State House took a dark turn on Tuesday when male lawmakers made disturbing comments about breasts toward their female colleague on Facebook.
Linda Sarsour discusses how young Muslims are facing more harassment in the wake of the San Bernardino shootings.
Douglas Smith talks about how one Supreme Court case could redefine American democracy.
A year after the Senate Intelligence Committee released its extensive report on the CIA's use of torture under the Bush administration, not one single US official has been held accountable.
Glenn Greenwald shares his thoughts on the terrorist attacks that shook Paris.
Ian Millhiser discusses why the birth control debate is once again heading to the Supreme Court
Real learning happens when we allow the free flow of ideas -- all ideas, not just those with which we agree. Listening to the viewpoints of others is the way we open our minds, challenge preconceived notions and learn about the world.
California became the first state to ban public schools from using "Redskins" as a team name, nickname or mascot on Sunday in a move applauded by Native American activists..FW
Alex Padilla discusses the new California voter registration law.
Tod Story weighs in on a Nevada school’s choice to prevent as trans student from using the boy’s bathroom.
This week, a federal judge ruled that Idaho's anti-whistleblower law is unconstitutional, saying it violates the 1st and 14th amendments.
WBEZ reported that Chicago's IPRA fired one of its investigators afar he refused to reverse his findings that multiple civilian shootings conducted by police officers were unjustified.
Julian Noisecat weighs in on the recent raiding of Native American tribes following their legalization of marijuana.
It seems as though the jig may be up for Abercrombie and Fitch’s “look policy” - attorney Reed Marcy joins to discuss.
Dr. Nadine Kaslow tells Alyona the real reason why Stephen Behnke was “terminated.”
How do you change the way people think? You start by changing the words they use. In totalitarian regimes--a.k.a. police states--where conformity and compliance are enforced at the end of a loaded gun, the government dictates what words can and cannot be used.