free syrian army

South Syria, a region bordering with Jordan and Israel, was the quietest of all Israel’s borders from 1974 until the outbreak
The deadly blast ripped through a convoy taking people out of besieged towns.
Meanwhile Secretary of State Rex Tillerson blamed Russian inaction for fueling Assad's chemical weapons attack.
In retaliation to the ‘chemical attack’ on civilians in Syria earlier this week, President Donald Trump ordered a Tomahawk
Harout Akdedian, Central European University The U.S. has struck the Syrian airbase used to launch a suspected sarin gas
U.S. officials rejected Russia’s assertion that Syrian rebels were to blame for the attack.
  Six bloody years, and no end end in sight, and in the case of Syria, what may be read as yet another cliche, is simply
Wresting the city from ISIS is a challenge even before the fighting begins.
U.S. forces joined local forces to isolate the ISIS stronghold Raqqa.
The Free Syrian Army is hopeful for more support despite the president's praise of Bashar Assad.