free the nipple

"I don't know why we're supposed to be ashamed of them!"
So, my question was and still is: what was so offensive about this nonsexual image and what makes a queer nipple (or, rather, documentation of thereof) so dangerous for the Censorship Monster?
Change is coming, actively and intentionally, and we can all relish this progress and feel empowered to join these courageous trailblazers whenever we choose to do so. And therein lies the heart of this issue: choice.
"In a state with an average temperature of only 46 degrees, the risk of rampant nudity seems rather low."
Even with her new found momentum, Hillary Clinton still lost the millennial vote in every Super Tuesday state, which once
Women in New Hampshire could soon face misdemeanor charges if they go topless at the beach.
Warning: This post contains images of nipples (although they are covered by other nipples) and may be inappropriate for work environments.
I pretended not to even notice the fact that my shirt was literally falling off my body in front of a group of people. I could feel my anxiety level skyrocket. Oh my god. There's a legitimate chance that my naked breast will be exposed to everyone in this room if I don't stop playing right now.
If men can barely control themselves around women who wear clothes in the workplace or on the street, how can a man control himself next to a woman who is not wearing a top and has exposed breasts and not one but two exposed nipples?