free time

Research shows there's a sweet spot when it comes to downtime, and anything more might even make you feel worse.
Taking care of yourself is the first step to living a happy and fulfilled life. So by using your free time to embrace your creative side, learn a new language, enhance your culinary skills and stay in shape, you are investing in yourself.
This makes sense. I mean how many times have you made plans in advance only to blow them off because, well, you just weren't in the mood or, let's be honest, you felt like it was a more of a chore to get yourself up, dressed, and out the door to said meeting place.
Their data also "suggest that women are significantly more likely to be time poor than men," which makes sense when we consider
It seems like we're having the time of our lives. And don't get me wrong: we are. But it's not all ice-creams and pretty landscapes. So far, I think we've tallied 135 toilets scrubbed, 250 kilos of cow dung spread, two tons of rocks shoveled and 60 meters of pathway laid, for starters.
Traditional time management techniques might help in the short term, but ultimately only serve to put a Band-Aid on a much deeper problem. Rather than focus on perfection, why not focus on what brings you joy and meaning? Choose one strategy that will help you move forward in a less crazy busy direction and embrace the perfectly imperfect journey.
Eat a healthy granola bar for breakfast Write notes on a whiteboard If you're someone who uses a lot of emailing or phone
What will no doubt ensure our children's success, and what is provided in early education, is greater access to creative learning through the opportunity for more imaginative play.
Weekend Fun Activities: Go to a jazz concert: Join a MeetUp group where they remind you about events. Invite friends over
On the other hand, we may actually have less time than people did a generation ago. Once we account for the hours we spend
Free time can come in so many forms. Occasionally (I would say about once a year), I go on vacations to get away and treat myself. These trips usually only include me and last for as little as eight hours or as long as a week, and I use that time to focus on me.
If you feel you are one of those people who have little free time and what little you have is continually interrupted, you may need to get active in order to carve out a little more time for yourself.
All of the ways women share how they spent their "free time" on social media just add to the pressure to fill that free time in interesting ways.
When we do get help and take some time for ourselves in the midst of our busy lives, we feel much better about ourselves.
Old-timers, counseling the young on investments, used to advise buying land. "They're not making any more of it," went the
To make the most of leisure it helps to widen rather than narrow our concept of the term, which means not only to be free from the demands of work (even for just a weekend), but also to be still and reflect.
Below are the the top ten countries with the best work-life balance according to the OECD. Habits vary among the 34 countries
And those unlucky people forced to work on the weekend were doubly unfortunate: their average workday during the week was
Here are Friedman's tips on getting the most out of your precious free time. So how is it that so many Americans seem to