free will

It used to be common to hear a new convert described as someone who had "got religion." Occasionally one hears that phrase still. It makes religion sound like a disease. One gets religion like one gets a cold or a cancer. It happens to some people but not to others.
We believe this is because belief in free will is linked to feelings of agency, the sense that we are the authors of our
All we can say with certainty is that the brain's physical activity delivers precise correlations with mental activity. Burton
In Robert Blachford's 1906 book Not Guilty: A Defense of the Bottom Dog he wrote of free will: He isn't wrong, the world
This was the epiphany-moment that prompted me to integrate silent meditation into my daily routine. After all, who doesn't
Few women in the Bible are more interesting, inspiring and the focus of devotion as Mary, mother of Jesus. With the Advent season upon us, she is receiving even more attention.
It's time we joined our Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and started leveraging health solutions at the site of greatest opportunity: the individual. Mindfulness can unlock this vast and under-utilized health resource. So what is mindfulness?
I was having lunch with a friend who'd survived a heart attack a couple of years ago. When I asked him if he had any dietary
You can make the choice to form a new belief about yourself right now. If you feel broken, you can choose to dis-identify