Healey, who's been called the next Laird Hamilton, stays under water for exactly three and a half minutes in the video, but
A lifeless, cold planet, that is. The video, "Ocean Gravity," is meant to be disorienting and unsettling. Director Julie
A complex array of nerves and muscles controls whether the sac is expanded or contracted and, when the sac expands, the color
Freediving, or diving without any breathing equipment, is all about pushing the limits of the human body: diving deeper, staying
Visitors who don't feel like diving can walk through the pool's transparent tunnel to see divers and then venture out to
Go ahead and click play above to watch Helder demonstrate this unique talent and talk about his passion for freediving. We
These photos come from free diving trips to Honduras, the big island of Hawaii, Mexico and other global locations. (h/t Sidetracked
Kimi is also a Patagonia Surf Ambassador, the 2008 National Spearfishing Champion, and an artist. She credits her father
Before starting this film, I had never heard of No Limits Freediving. When I Googled it, the first thing that came up was a YouTube video of Audrey Mestre's death during her 2002 No Limits record attempt of 170 meters (558 feet).