Freedom Caucus

The bill also suspends the debt limit and lays the groundwork to keep the government open.
The one Republican in Congress who had called for Donald Trump's impeachment is celebrating Independence Day in the most Justin Amash way possible.
The Michigan lawmaker is the first and only Republican calling for Trump's impeachment.
The Republican congressman has faced stiff criticism from his own party for his support of impeachment proceedings against the president.
The House Freedom Caucus would impeach a ham sandwich -- if it were a Democrat.
“Nothing new. Nothing new on the shutdown. Nothing new. Except we need border security,” Trump told reporters at the White House
The president “does not want to go further without border security," the White House said.
Trump’s top pick for the job, Nick Ayers, is out of the running and Trump is now soliciting input on at least four individuals.
Two districts in Pennsylvania show where the House will be won and where a blue wave might break.
The GOP lacks a clear heir apparent to take the place of House Speaker Paul Ryan.
"Conversations in a locker room are a lot different than people coming up and talking about abuse," Jordan said while denying allegations from former wrestlers.
The head of the Freedom Caucus said Ohio State University wrestlers' allegations he ignored sexual abuse were “not true.”
A do-nothing Congress is about to do what it does best: nothing.
And here's a look at other key races in Tuesday's voting in four states.
The Freedom Caucus comes out against the farm bill until Republicans work out an immigration plan.