Freedom Caucus

In the music video, the Republican sits in a throne while rapper Forgiato Blow calls her "a Southern belle" who is "a little hood."
Here is why an ultraconservative group of Republicans have turned on one of their own…
Conservatives can't stand that McCarthy cut a debt ceiling deal with Joe Biden that passed the House with Democratic votes.
For the third straight day, the House has been unable to elect a speaker.
The open warfare among House Republicans bodes poorly for Congress' two big tasks this year: funding the government and raising the debt limit.
The Colorado lawmaker was reportedly not happy that her Georgia colleague made an appearance at a white nationalist event in February.
Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig called this pre-insurrection message “particularly foreboding.”
How Freedom Caucus leaders got behind Trump and never looked back (or forward).
The bill also suspends the debt limit and lays the groundwork to keep the government open.