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South Dakota lawmakers who introduced the bill hope the new mandate inspires patriotism in schools across the state, according to The Associated Press.
For atheists, humanists, Satanists and other secular folk, Christmas is a season for political activism.
There's a twist to time and religion. Though time is corrosive of old beliefs it also evolves new beliefs. If God exists
Is government prayer time only open to those who want to talk about God?
Arkansas recently approved a measure to build a statue of the Ten Commandments on the state capitol grounds.
“It’s really misusing the authority of the coach to promote his personal religious agenda.”
Atheist decorations also have become a target for destruction after their addition to some public forums in recent years
"They’re gone meet once a month, and it’s nothing but men," Elmore, who also serves as a deacon in the Judson Baptist Church
“My job is to support our players and our coaches in their expression of any type of grief, and that’s what I was doing,” Mohajir
The ruling addresses the housing allowance, while parsonages are still tax-exempt properties, like the churches that own
Hensler also hopes that the sign will inspire fellow FFRF members to promote similar philosophies. “It’s something that will
Atheists commemorated the 226th anniversary of ratification of the U.S. Constitution on Tuesday by purchasing ads in various
Not only is there nothing controversial about evolutionary processes, they are regularly observed and measured in the laboratory and the field. No scientific manuscript discussing evolution, no biology textbook explaining evolution, argues that evolutionary theory makes any claims about the existence of any deity.
After seeing their paid membership ranks increase 130 percent in six years, organizers of the Freedom From Religion Foundation
The IRS had earlier filed a motion to dismiss the case, which the national foundation for atheists and agnostics had filed