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Part of the blame is being pinned on the Trump presidency.
In the months after Hosni Mubarak stepped down as president it seemed as though some invisible force was trying to turn what had been a peaceful revolution into a deeply divided and violent one. There were riots, assassinations and acts of arson; all committed by unknown perpetrators.
The results for 2014 are in and they are, to say the least, not encouraging. 2014 was not a good year for freedom in the world with negative trends evident in all regions. In fact, global rights declined for the ninth straight year.
In any case, Washington's influence is limited: The Sisi regime will do whatever it believes necessary to retain power. Whatever America does, Egypt is likely to end up without liberty or stability. Washington should step back from a crisis that it can't resolve.
Authoritarian leaders now prefer to quietly manipulate their countries' legal frameworks, silencing dissent and limiting civil liberties to ensure that they remain in office. This rule by law has supplanted rule of law in many African countries, with troubling consequences for democracy.
The sad truth of the present situation is that the current Iraqi leadership effectively paved the way for ISIL's deadly ascent through policies that actively aggravated sectarian rifts and undermined the resilience of security forces.
The report, released on Monday, accused the Erdogan government of undertaking a "frantic crackdown" on the media, particularly
The outcome of this struggle is still in doubt, and it is essential for the ICC to defend itself against claims of politicization
Nevertheless, over the last several months, officials from a few countries, including Kenya and Ethiopia, have taken the
While Ennahda, which won a majority of seats in the NCA elections, chose to form a coalition cabinet with two secular parties
That's according to Chinese state news agency Xinhua. "The recent leakage of the two top-secret U.S. surveillance programs
Former U.S. President Richard Nixon and his ousted Egyptian counterpart Mohamed Morsi may not have much in common at first glance, but during their periods in office they both clashed with the judiciary, and this ultimately led to their downfalls.
Bahrain: Over 20 online activists and bloggers were detained in Bahrain after the March 2011 crackdown on protests calling
The IRPT has had other troubles in recent months. On April 19, the party's deputy leader was attacked outside his home. The
Pianist Fazil Say. Photo Credit: Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra Authoritarian regimes are the worst violators of the
Security service collaboration: While authoritarian regimes naturally try to avoid notice of cooperation between their security
Comedians, cartoonists, satirical writers, and even ordinary citizens in many countries can find themselves in trouble with
To date, only presidents have fallen from power during the Arab Awakening -- no king has fallen from his throne. Arab monarchies are of course not immune to the forces that brought down some of their republican counterparts, so why have they all thus far survived?
Freedom House has compiled the following questions for Senator John Kerry, who has been nominated as the next U.S. secretary
Nigeria's decline can be attributed in large part to worsening conditions in the north, where the militant Islamist group