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7. PAY MORE ATTENTION TO WATER THAN OIL: The earth is 75% water. And so are our bodies. But water is becoming increasingly
Everyone has a role to play in taking this forward. Governments must pursue swift investigations into crimes against journalists
I asked how many Christian journalists had been to mosques to attend prayers, had written about Muslim practices, had spoken
Tanzania is convicting more of its citizens for criticizing their president online. This week, five people were charged under
To highlight the fact that digital technologies have transformed the way in which cultural goods and services are produced
In the years following the events of September 11, 2001, the image of the US in the Middle East was at its lowest. There were demonstrations against the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq in Egypt and elsewhere, along with calls to boycott US products.
Following a string of cases that he considers examples of police brutality, Kaepernick feels he can't consciously stand up
(This piece was originally posted on Medium on May 16, 2016; it has been slightly adapted) Today marks six months since Egyptian
So, my question was and still is: what was so offensive about this nonsexual image and what makes a queer nipple (or, rather, documentation of thereof) so dangerous for the Censorship Monster?
Gratitude is the feeling and attitude of appreciation or thankfulness for the benefits we have received or expect to receive. The feeling of genuine gratitude opens the channels for more goodness to enter into our life experience.
Earlier this year we saw something that took us completely by surprise. There was a group of people in wheelchairs hanging themselves from a bridge in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Americans should not have to beg government officials' permission to speak peacefully to others. Reed ensures that they need not do so. If this be free-speech absolutism, make the most of it.
This latest leak, contrary to past leaks, many of which were from within the military rather than the interior ministry and appeared designed to portray Mr. Al Sisi in a negative light and undermine his credibility, seems inadvertent.
Across the world, civic activists are being detained, tortured and killed. The space for citizens to organise and mobilise is being shut down; dissenting voices are being shut up. In 2015, at least 156 human rights activists were murdered -- 156 that we know of.
The right to offend is inherent to the right to the freedom of expression. And it is high time for people to get over it.
They were doing the popular "Barbs" dance, which has gone viral in the Middle East.
A recent cartoon in a Saudi Arabian newspaper suggested that the Lebanese state is a joke. The cartoon showed a picture of the Lebanese flag captioned by the words "April Fool's."