freedom of speech

The self-proclaimed "unbiased" alternative to Twitter requires users to agree to pay Parler's legal bills if it gets sued over their posts.
Pro-democracy lawmakers see the anthem bill as an infringement of freedom of expression, and staged a protest in the legislative chamber.
The legal analyst said Twitter can correct any user it wants, "including the president of the United States."
A federal court previously granted his "IM GOD" license plate request as a matter of free speech.
The young fan's bait-and-switch move at the Lakers-Clippers game was genius as demonstrators had their say amid NBA tensions with China over free speech.
The "Borat" star tore into the Facebook CEO with an analogy about a restaurant owner and neo-Nazis.
Commissioner Adam Silver told press that the NBA is committed to free speech after China rebuked Rockets GM Daryl Morey for supporting protestors in Hong Kong.
Elizabeth Cox says Bishop England High School in Charleston, South Carolina, violated her First Amendment rights after she called out anti-abortion hypocrisy.
The president launches a new attack on the First Amendment.
In the last year, journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered, an extremist mailed pipe bombs to CNN, and a gunman targeted the Capital-Gazette newsroom.