Often, edible foods are discarded because there’s confusion surrounding the expiration dates.
Yes, I bring home and accept free stuff when it crosses my path. There is an overabundance of stuff out there in our world, and there simply aren't enough people willing to accept anything they deem to be less than perfect.
A movie that's bound to set your paranoia sensors flashing, The East is a cerebral thriller in which it's hard to tell who's the hero and who's the villain.
Still, not all grocers have been as active in sustainability efforts. Trader Joe's, for one, is famous among dumpster divers
Dumpster diving is a practice becoming more common among financially stable people, intertwined with the growing freegan
Looking to lower your impact on the planet? Look no further than your trash bin. We Americans produce a lot of trash -- by some estimates about 250 million tons of the stuff per year.
I've patriotically lost my job and even gone so far as to buy a book on how to find another one, but all these carefully executed half-measures have not been enough. The time for three-quarter measures has arrived.
Many Americans throw away masses of food but health regulations make it harder for leftover food to get officially donated. Social networking can help, here's how.
In a word, it's one that has fascinated the loftiest wordsmith of all, William Safire. Last winter, he made a tribute to
More extreme environmentalists are needed on the right, to bring about the balance that you, I, our whole planet need
• Remind yourself that one man's trash is another's treasure, and check with your friends and family while doing any massive
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Being a freegan is sort of like being a vegan. You do not consume any animal products, unless someone gives it to you for free or you find it -- then you can eat whatever.