The first tax deadline of 2017 is rapidly approaching - January 17! Scared you, didn't I? Well, for independent contractors
Step 9: Get The Word Out Your personal and professional network is a great place to start in getting the word out about your
6 Things to do to Reduce Chances of a Tax Audit was originally published on Due by Kayla Sloan. Double-check Your Figures
How many articles (essays/blog posts/chapters) did you write over the year? Does the monthly average vary much? Rank clients
JN: What's catching your attention now, since the publishing of the book? In The New Better Off: Reinventing the American
You can be the brightest professional in your field, but recognize that successful freelancing requires you to be an excellent
Being a freelancer and working from home can be great. You can wear whatever you want and not have to worry about having
1. Field engineering is naturally mobile. Telecom field engineers are typically sent to the client's site to perform tasks
2. Photography 4. Graphic Designing It offers quite a number of options for people to specialize in. Thus, millennials are
Being a freelancer makes budgeting at least twice as difficult as being a salaryman: You have to build a personal budget and a business budget, making sure that the books stay clean and the IRS has no reason to audit you.
Today I received the single most brilliant marketing email ever. It's from Neil Patel.
Making money on the internet may be a suspicious topic, but the values online are the same as that offline. The key is to
Average National Salary: $89,000 3. Shopify development These developers build apps and sites for the popular ecommerce platform
Want a blueprint for pitching your story ideas that editors find irresistible? Download a copy of my free eguide for freelance
When you're just getting a business started, it can be tempting to over-rely on your personal network for business leads
If you are a freelancer or small business person overwhelmed with how to scale your business to accommodate  a growing number of clients, it can be hard to know what to do. Just know that it's a good problem to have especially if they are your ideal client. If you're struggling with finding the time to do it all, here are some tips to figure out the best way to hire help.
Thailand tops the charts as a favorite destination for digital nomads, and it's a no-brainer as to why. Not only is it a country of incredible beauty with a fascinating culture and friendly people, but Thailand offers digital nomads affordable living and plentiful work resources.
What if instead of working on someone else's terms, you were able to parlay more money to more freedom and live/work on your own terms?
In a recent piece on young rape survivors, Omar used Snapchat's digital facial-masking capabilities to hide the identity of the speakers, while still keeping visible the eyes and the nuances of facial expressions. Scroll down to watch the video below to see how this simple, powerful approach works.