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I don’t want to regret not having danced when I had the chance.
How many articles (essays/blog posts/chapters) did you write over the year? Does the monthly average vary much? Rank clients
2. Photography 4. Graphic Designing It offers quite a number of options for people to specialize in. Thus, millennials are
I was fourteen when we moved to that house and I hated everything about it. I had nightmares about dead people coming to
5. It's A Window To Connecting With People I write stuff. I write words. I try to find the proper way to say things in a
Average National Salary: $89,000 3. Shopify development These developers build apps and sites for the popular ecommerce platform
Want a blueprint for pitching your story ideas that editors find irresistible? Download a copy of my free eguide for freelance
When you're just getting a business started, it can be tempting to over-rely on your personal network for business leads
In a recent piece on young rape survivors, Omar used Snapchat's digital facial-masking capabilities to hide the identity of the speakers, while still keeping visible the eyes and the nuances of facial expressions. Scroll down to watch the video below to see how this simple, powerful approach works.
It is very important to not only keep close relationships with your current clients, but also find ways to attract new ones. Having too many clients is a good problem to have, you can always find ways to serve each in a timely manner without hindering any relationships. However, if you are struggling to stay busy and need to attract more clients there are plenty of tricks and tips to get you started on the right path. Here are four simple ways to attract new clients.
As a new writer, I'm learning that freelancing takes a lot of time, between researching, reading, pitching, and writing. And
The internet can be a scary place these days. Not only are people extremely opinionated, but they now have a "shield" to
When my father turned 65, he traded in his wing-tips for golf shoes and didn't look back. His law firm gave him an "office
Not sure why your story ideas aren't selling? If you ask an editor for advice on the best way for a freelance writer to break in to his or her publication, they often have the same response: "Read it first."
I had a good income, holidays off, and full health insurance. My career helped me afford a reliable car, a drink in my hand by 5:00pm, and all the stability and safety I was always told to go after. But I wasn't happy.
To renegotiate, simply inform your client that your rate has gone up. Tell the client that they are great. It's just that
There are a few downsides to this risky business of entrepreneurship and they are not pretty. Building a profitable business takes time and the bills still need to get paid.
My follower base is not large, but it is mighty. I'm tired of letting other people dictate what value I give my following and my writing. Fame and fortune lost their allure years ago. Now I want connection.
If you've ever tried to get a business loan you know it's not that easy. That's why it's likely that you are looking to bootstrap your freelance business  - meaning you're using the revenue coming in to reinvest back into the business. Let's be honest, in the beginning, it probably looks like using your own money.
Content strategist Laura Creekmore challenged us at last year's Ya'll Connect, a blogging and social media conference, to