Eminem’s “The Storm” freestyle is a blistering attack on President Donald Trump.
A. Pretzeling Untangling pretzels, ending up with the fewest pieces possible   B. Beefing An arduous quest to uncover actual
HuffPost Black Voices presents BARS, our weekly show where up and coming artists spit their freshest rhymes. 
It's spring at last, and time to get yourself in shape for summer. One of the great exercises around, that's particularly easy on the joints, is cycling.
Some of entertainment's biggest names, including Snoop Doog, The Roots and David Lee Roth, mash their talents together to make the first HuffPost Live freestyle rap song.
They first rapped together at spoken word society CalSLAM's first open mic of the semester in the fall, and then at Cloyne
So how's your angulation? Thrown down any mad tricks lately?
How do you figure out who to contact and what you need to find out about them? These are the questions that inspired me to interview and write about a number of event planners.
As a bonafide YouTube star, DeStorm is still cranking out roughly nine videos a week, including his daily vlogs, video on his second channel, and a big music video on his main channel.
Ali's works are difficult to get a firm grasp on, despite their initial appearance of simplicity. Their hyper-flatness gives
Scotty McCreery's new album Clear As Day just hit #1 in Billboard, and it features some very personal songs that seem to fit him perfectly. He tells me how he picked this batch.