Freestyle rap

Host Jimmy Fallon was floored by the hip-hop star's improv in a game of "Wheel of Freestyle."
Rapper Mistah F.A.B. grew up in Oakland in the 1980s during the crack epidemic, with both of his parents battling drug addiction. He had to grow up quickly, and used rap as a way to cope and express himself.
Colin Kaepernick, Sean Diddy Combs, Ellen DeGeneres and a whole host of other famous faces also chimed in.
But in a new video, released on YouTube Sept. 28, Los Angeles-based Jamal Gutierrez appears to shut down the naysayers, as
Some of entertainment's biggest names, including Snoop Doog, The Roots and David Lee Roth, mash their talents together to make the first HuffPost Live freestyle rap song.
Scientists have found that when rappers freestyle, they deactivate the brain’s “thinking cortex.” Can neuroscience teach us how to unlock new realms of creativity? Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of New Mexico Rex Jung joins Josh to explain.
Jung says that this downregulation is likely to apply in other, non-musical areas of creativity — including science. The
This may seem like an uneventful showcase of some freestyle rappers. And while it is, it's so much more. Maybe we're just