freezer meals

So you're all prepped and ready to go.
Nod your head if you're guilty of any of these, dinner isn't on the table because you had to work late, your son had soccer practice that went over, you lock your keys in the car at the grocery store picking up items for dinner, or you simply don't feel like it.
Guess what?! Meal prepping can be as easy as combining all the right ingredients in a large freezer bag and repeating the process until you have enough recipes for the week ahead.
A well-stocked freezer is the best way to get through any situation.
This post is basically the answer to all your early morning pumpkin pie cravings. That's a thing right? I am not alone in this pie-for-breakfast train of thinking at 7 a.m. come Monday morning?
Last week my mom asked if she could borrow some space in my large freezer chest to temporarily store some of her food. I said "yes," but I don't think either of us realized the challenge that her request would create for me.