For the first time ever, one Hawaii state park saw snow on its grounds.
From your health to the foods you're eating, here’s why you might be constantly cold.
Low temperatures ruin the texture, flavor, and appearance of these foods. 3. Coffee Eggs in the shell bust open when frozen
If you want to avoid having to go back to buying bags of frozen corn when the season's over, try freezing your own. It's not that much effort, and it's guaranteed to taste better.
So how long does leftover pizza last? What about apples? Salsa after you've opened it? We'll tell you all that and more, but just go ahead and throw away that jar of marinara you've been hoarding. It's definitely gone bad.
The key to running in the extreme cold is to protect yourself, wear the proper clothing and have an exit strategy.
A cake or cupcake will have a fresher taste, and probably look better too.
This changes everything. Bulk purchases and no more wasted leftovers!
The polar vortex has had a direct effect on Niagara Falls, freezing one of the massive waterfalls.
Holy windchill, Batman. Temperatures are breaking records on the lowest end of the thermometer all across the Southern and Eastern parts of the country today, and things probably won't warm up until later this week.
With the regularity of a finely tuned pendulum, as soon as the temperature hits freezing this annoying species of fowl cries out with indignation that global warming must be a farce. After all, how could the world be warming if freezing temperatures are gripping most of the nation?
The polar vortex plunged much of the Midwest into Antarctica-like temperatures on Monday. Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis
*Shiver* And regular bottles of water are almost instantly turning to ice. Just when you thought the indoors would protect
Beat the summer heatwave with this ridiculously simple trick that keeps your vodka ice-cold for hours.
My friends are starting to ask me about the marks, the red nose and ears, the dry, red frostbitten hands. They're beginning to suspect something; that perhaps you're not the wintery wonderland you started out as.
Just remember three simple rules -- freeze cool, freeze fast and freeze airtight. This recipe is just about freezer proof and worth your time.
I didn't eat a canned vegetable until I was twelve. I was at summer camp, and the minute the canned green bean touched my tongue I spit it out, convinced it was rotten.
2012-02-23-Screenshot20120223at9.28.59AM.jpgDespite the freezing temperatures, snow can actually offer crucial ingredients for survival.
The chest freezers of old, those massive, hulking objects reminiscent of Victorian-era steamer trunks, have been joined by a younger, sleeker breed. It was this stainless steel beauty that caught our eye last week and convinced us to finally take the plunge.
Woof, it's cold out there! So how come dogs' paws don't freeze up when they pad around on snow and ice - and what keeps dogs