French Art

This is Day 33 of my 100 Days in Europe series. As I research my guidebooks and make new TV shows, I'm reporting on my experiences
In helping viewers read the surfaces of paintings from this remarkable period, I have rekindled my own desire to look, to
Standing under a mountain of machinery, this woman's gaze reveals an internal struggle. Men engaging in the ancient hobby
Duchamp did create one final piece of work, titled "Entant Donnes," which he worked on secretly from 1946 to 1966, while
Cocteau idolaters praise him as a courageous avatar who maneuvered his way through both the excitement and glitter of les années folles, never hid his homosexuality, and challenged conventional surface realities. All of which is, to a degree, true.
Unlike the dwarfing monumentalism of the Louvre Palace, where the caramel weight of a faded empire bears down on every square centimeter, this new Louvre-on-a-coal mine is as light and airy as a Nordic cloud.
Stunningly nightmarish is an entire room packed with 36 seemingly identical paintings of carcasses. The beef carcasses are among the most realistic of the artist's paintings, even as they are also semi-surreal dream-memory works that seem to explode into your eyes.
The photographs will be on display at Galerie Paris-Beijing from October 25th until December 4th, 2012 in Paris. Scroll down
So raise your glass to Marcel Duchamp today, on his 125th birthday! Scroll down for some images of Duchamp's paintings and
HP: Who is someone you wish you would have published and why? Do you always go on instinct when you decide to publish someone
The exhibition was curated by FRAC director Florence Derieux -- a different version of it was presented at the Geneva Contemporary
Today marks the 170th birthday of Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The French artist with a keen eye for feminine beauty did not come
2012-01-31-worldskinBBBBBB.jpg French media artist Maurice Benayoun is probably France's most cutting-edge artist.
View a hilarious slideshow of art handlers and other interacting with a bevy of luscious Manet masterpieces below, and let
Vegas, eat your heart out: a new museum in the works, 'La Paille Dans L'œil Du Voisin,' brings imaginative architecture to
He's created a colossal machine that's a demonic hybrid of printing press and film projector. As architecture, it made me