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The measures include a loosening of some worker-friendly measures to encourage companies to hire, and new training for half a million workers.
French President François Hollande's friendly visit with Barack Obama this week is an indication of how much relations have improved between France and the United States since the post-9/11 days when some Americans characterized the French as "cheese-eating surrender monkeys."
2013-03-25-EN_blog_international_spotlight_02.pngFalse. If you're happy finding a job as a street sweeper or laborer, of course, it's possible to find work. Try telling that to an unemployed engineer. Or me, who is seeking a job in communications.
When I told a French friend I was writing a book about his compatriots entitled Joie de Vivre, he smiled and asked "Is it fiction?" Yet another French friend reacted with a pained look, lamenting that "we used to have it."