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Overseas voting began a day before the main first-round of a poll that could change the global political landscape.
This looks like the best vacation ever.
Swimming With Fidel: The Toils Of An Accidental Journalist, available on Kindle, with free excerpts here, and in print version
Taro, Choiseul Island Cook Islands [Upcoming blog next Sunday: South American and Caribbean sunsets] Futuna Fiji Niue ______________ By
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Considering they already have a stamp and cruises are now dropping off visitors to walk through the streets and discover
Photo of Anapaperles Pearl Farm by Erin Lentz So as I'm standing next to the Mexican family on the night of the green flash
Four seasons and St.Regis overwater villas in view The private islet of Motu Tapu Bora Bora is like walking into a blue rainbow
The people of Rapa cannot live without the sea. To come to our island, one must travel across the ocean because we have no airstrip. On a daily basis, the ocean is what gives us the resources we need to live on Rapa, our small island, a part of French Polynesia's Austral Islands.
The Austral Islands reserve, if approved, would be roughly the size of California, Nevada and Arizona combined.
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The neurological condition can result in temporary paralysis and, in rare cases, death.
It seems every time I travel, my skin goes crazy. In Mexico, my hands turned into lobster claws. In Tanzania, an allergic reaction to malaria meds blew up my lips to Big Ang proportions. I came home from Fiji with MRSA.