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Jeanne Damas, Gaëlle Prudencio and the rest of these chic ladies have you covered.
Upper Eastside Townhouse Carnivale inspired dining room with interior design by Inson Dubois Wood. Dining table by Wendell
I loved the Madeline illustrations and the dreamy world of Paris as a kiddo. Add to the mix my eternal adoration for Coco Chanel and her plight for pants-clad women circa 1920, and it's easy arithmetic for style. However, this madness has been going on for far too long.
Leather Pants: Lydia Marceau (Paris) and Jennifer Grace (California) French blend their bold accessories in, while big necklaces
In her latest book, the soon-to-be released "French Women Don't Get Facelifts," author Mireille Guiliano delves into what makes our European counterparts age so gracefully.
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1. Create visual interest by playing with texture. 7. Figure out which color looks best on your complexion. 5. When in doubt
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We're always trying to figure out what exactly French women have that we don't. Is it superior taste? An ability to look
Happy Bastille Day! In honor of France's most festive fête, we'd like to celebrate our strong-willed French friends in the
To quote Audrey Hepburn -- the godmother of all things chic and patron saint of many a blithe, LBD-clad fashionista -- "Paris is always a good idea."
Click through the slideshow below to see how Vanessa Paradis, Brigitte Bardot and others manage to look fabulous with minimal
Today in particular, I am feeling very European. Maybe it's because I just drove 6 hours listening to my favorite French music. During my drive, I let the music take me home, and I thought about my godmother Dominique, an incredibly important figure in my life, and my style inspiration.
Well-dressed women are the norm here, but my new neighbors in particular have that certain je ne sais quoi which is just so Parisian. Their outfits are usually paired with perfectly matching manicured hands and feet -- they seem to excel at color coordination. Not to mention the "perfect" accessory. Never have I seen so many Birkin bags being proudly paraded around. On one of my first shopping excursions up to the rue de Passy, I counted at least eight in the first 10 minutes. (The Goyard canvas tote comes in at a close second place.) Their grooming is impeccable: Most women here always look like they recently stepped out from the hair salon. I just don't know where they find the time for all this, but they do.
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Clockwise From Left: Francois Hardy, Burberry London Trench Coat, Repetto x Opening Ceremony Flats, 7 For All Mankind Jeans
Managing director of the IMF Christine Lagarde is widely regarded as one of the most powerful women in the world, and now