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One tweet started a movement to reunite families separated at the border with donated frequent-flyer miles.
With airline tickets increasing in price and frequent flyer miles now being awarded based on the price of a ticket rather than the distance traveled, it becomes difficult to determine how to best use the award miles we have, understand when to use them (or if we should use them), and which credit cards provide the best value.
Stories about paying taxes on rewards seem to proliferate the internet around every tax season. This results in a lot of myths and misinformation floating around.
Award space never opened up on any of my Air New Zealand flights. Then on half of them, sitting in the cabin on my travel
This year has seen tectonic shifts in the travel industry, with hotel chains merging and airlines gutting their frequent flyer programs. Was 2015 the last year when loyalty programs were worth it?
2. Secure flights at current mileage levels. Marriott International will acquire Starwood and Accor SA agreed to purchase
Tip #2: Know Your Airline's Partners That's right: Your airline rewards could buy you flights with partner airlines to places
"No thanks," I said. OK. I won't really burn it. I'll just cut it into lots of little pieces. And bend them. And stomp on
For years, I've tried to fight the widespread perception in the media that the only way to get people to read travel stories
From now on, when seeking reward flights on popular long-haul routes, I'll book them piecemeal, leg by leg.
Smart travelers know that being a frequent flyer is a game changer. As a member of an airline's frequent flyer program, you'll
As points become harder to acquire and quick to expire, the price in points for a ticket continues to rise, blackout dates block key travel windows and fees and tax charges for "free" tickets become more common. You have to work harder and be smarter to cash in on past travel for future adventures.
Stop kidding yourself. How long has it been since you said, "If I just get to X, I will take that trip"?
A few hotel chains also offer no-expiration loyalty program points, but most airlines and hotels have timeframes that essentially force you to use your miles or forfeit their value.
When we tell people that we traveled to 302 cities in 33 countries across 6 continents for our honeymoon, they generally assume we are millionaires--far from it.
6-Diversify Your Credit Card Portfolio. Hotels offer credit card incentives as well. The Hyatt hotel program offers 2 free
Traveling for free doesn't have to involve couch surfing, dumpster diving, or stowing away in the wheel well of a 747.
Over the past year I've done my fair share of flying back and forth between New York and Los Angeles. In the process, I have figured out how to make the treks as seamless and cost-effective as possible through trial and error.
Elite status can still be valuable to many passengers -- even some infrequent leisure travelers -- but earning that status
It's a sad day for anyone who's ever known the joy of carefully hoarding frequent-flier miles. Read more on The Washington