Fresh Off The Boat

Karey Burke told reporters on Monday that she'll see Wu at an upcoming table read for "Fresh Off the Boat."
ABC Entertainment President Karey Burke is standing behind Wu despite her Twitter meltdown: "We love what she does on the show and we love the show.”
The "Fresh Off The Boat" star fired off a series of tweets that seemingly expressed disappointment over the sitcom's renewal.
The comedian said "Fresh Off the Boat" executive producer Melvin Mar advocated particularly hard for Jeong’s ABC sitcom.
The "Fresh Off The Boat" star said the stories of most Asian-American and Pacific Islanders have not been told.
The movie, she wrote, is expanding the idea of what a lead actor looks like.
The family sitcom is one of the oldest and most popular genres, and this is the only networ sitcom about an Asian-American family.
The comment was seen as a belittling slap at "Fresh Off the Boat" and "Black-ish."
"It’s a time for reflection, for thanking those who came before or who may have helped us get to where we are today," Forrest Wheeler said.
"If you’re not represented in the media, for a lot of people and definitely for people in certain parts of the country, you’re invisible."
“It’s a literal silencing of Asians and it reinforces the stereotype that Asians aren’t expressive, they’re invisible, that they’re not really there."
The creator of "Fresh Off the Boat" compiled hundreds of mini-memoirs to tell the story of immigrant America.