Fresh water

One major way we can help meet all 17 goals is to invest early in water security.
We know this cycle, and if we think about it at all, it becomes easy to understand the idea that the ocean where 97% of that
-- What does it take for the will of the people to coalesce around a single issue, to be informed and changed into a voice
If you're looking to increase California's water supply and help our agriculture industry at the same time, look down. You might just be standing on a puddle. A big, state-wide, permanent puddle.
If the man who saw the housing market crash and ensuing financial market meltdown is focusing his investments on fresh water, might that be one more reason for us to shift our thinking about the nature, socioeconomic, political and environmental, of water?
A city of some 100,000 residents, Flint, Michigan has dominated the news in the United States as a tragic story of mismanagement and health consequences centered on a political decision to save funds by changing the city's water supply to a polluted source.
It may seem a long way by any scale from an African village or a Jordanian refugee camp to the ocean. The distance can be measured geographically, of course, but it can also be measured economically and socially by separation between our understanding of the problem and its solution.
The show's opening week also overlaps with the Art Basel fair on nearby Miami Beach, where sea level flooding has been given
The present drought in California is a highly visible realization of our lack of water awareness and its destructive undermining of the financial structure and social organization we have built. If we fail in California, how can we succeed anywhere else?
To solve the freshwater problem that is now evident around the globe, we must first understand how much water is actually available, how much we use, to what purpose, using what system, in what condition, and with what realistic capacity given rapid climate change and its visible and continuing catastrophic effect.