In most of the world, the impacts of actions that increase growth and development and the role of climate change on river basins are rarely measured and little understood by key stakeholders, from the general public to government decision-makers.
This is called deferred maintenance--and the bill is coming due. The Council of American Structural Engineers has shown that
Whaka Inaka, 'Causing Whitebait', is a wonderful project in Christchurch, South Island, where scientists like Shelley McMurtrie
Thanks to the 21st century, this isn't even that daunting. In the same way information helps a business decide where to focus
Coal-fired power consumes 7 percent of the world's freshwater, Greenpeace says.
Long before the Marshall Islands disappear under rising seas, finding freshwater will become the most urgent consequence of climate change.
While Californians hope for rain, it remains crucial for the state to improve its long-term water management. Here are some steps to take right now.
While the major overarching objective is the eradication of poverty, the SDGs cover a lot of ground, including changing unsustainable (and promoting sustainable) patterns of consumption and production, and protecting and managing the natural resource base.
The world's water challenges are technical, economic, political, and social issues, but the Vatican Encyclical reminds us that ultimately they are ethical and moral issues as well.
Fixing our rivers requires that we reintroduce complexity and function through restoration -- effectively reshaping the relationship between the economy and the environment.