And as I walked onto this old stage this morning, I began to wonder about the stories that took place here. What performances
The officers shot the unarmed 19-year-old a total of four times.
An emergency declaration by Governor Brown, with statewide one-time monies to begin housing the homeless with support services
Today in a rally in Fresno, California, Donald Trump made a few comments about water. They were all inanities, parroting old Republican mis-statements and misrepresentations about the causes of California's water challenges.
Maria Cardenas claims the religious statue has been crying for over a year.
"I know that we aren't the first people that this has happened to, and unfortunately I don't think that we'll be the last."
Caregivers like Stella give so much to our state's elderly and disabled people to make sure they receive the best possible care. Stella wants to take care of her daughter at home and she deserves to make a fair wage doing this strenuous work.
On September 11th, as I was flying from Los Angeles to Oakland, I took this picture of the pyrocumulus cloud created from the uncontrolled "Rough Fire" burning east of Fresno, California. The flight was at around 30,000 feet.
Numbers be damned, though. In one evening I was able to make a dozen new friends and entertain them, and was absolutely glowing inside. Write on, people.
Is farmers' market produce trucked in from Fresno and Madera sustainable? Given the water and other input-intensive nature of raising beef, is it better to buy meat raised in Nebraska and shipped west or do I need to give up meat altogether?
Natasha Lyonne, director Jamie Babbit, and writer Karey Dornetto sat down with the What's Trending team at this year's South by Southwest festival to talk about their new film, "Fresno."
"I think it's crappy that we have to have the conversation," Greer said, in regards to the role of women in comedy. "'Wow, there are so many comedies for women these days!' That shouldn't be the conversation, that should be the norm."
Things like exercising and eating healthier can help boost that energy. Even though it sounds like it is common sense, not everyone has an easy time staying consistent. Do not let working out be at the end of your to-do list. Here are four tips to get and keep you in shape!