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Yes, rather than enduring the time suck and hassle that air travel anywhere now promises--the long, expensive taxi ride to the airport, the shoving, surly crowds, and the chaotic security and boarding processes--we opted for a Mexican bus.
But much of the vibrant work she left behind, even in light of her recent popularity, is difficult to come by. Outside of
Her passion, her devotion. Her vulnerability, her drive. Her vision, her fire. Her flower crowns, her eyebrows. There are
“I cried a lot, but it's over, there is nothing else that can be done except to bear it,” Frida wrote to her personal doctor
In Kahlo's painted world, domesticity is only a blink away from the jungles of the wild, and it's easy to inhabit both at
Wouldn't you love to peek inside Frida Kahlo's personal photo album? To see the images that have special meaning for the artist, images that paint a picture that varies greatly from the tortured individual portrayed in her paintings? You can.
The faux-Frida exhibition boasts over 500 "fascinating possessions," including the commissioned paintings (doubles of uber
Frida Kahlo, "What The Water Gave Me" (1922) In honor of Frida Kahlo's birthday, we are revisiting a post originally published
And the influence of the Mexican artist and fashion icon Frida Kahlo is quite clear. In the video Belinda can be seen posing
But the accident would ultimately serve as the starting point for Kahlo's prolific career, and the times she spent in recovery
The collection includes over 6,500 pictures which were kept private for over 50 years after Kahlo's death. In 2007 the photographs