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Yes, rather than enduring the time suck and hassle that air travel anywhere now promises--the long, expensive taxi ride to the airport, the shoving, surly crowds, and the chaotic security and boarding processes--we opted for a Mexican bus.
Frida Kahlo is having a moment. Equal parts art-world underdog, feminist icon and object of kitsch, Kahlo's legacy seems
Her passion, her devotion. Her vulnerability, her drive. Her vision, her fire. Her flower crowns, her eyebrows. There are
Frida Kahlo on balcony above "Detroit Industry" murals, DIA Archives. Her miscarriages and unfulfilled desire to have a child
Fast forward 60 years and contemporary art has transformed dramatically from Kahlo's day, in regards to accepted media, subject
Wouldn't you love to peek inside Frida Kahlo's personal photo album? To see the images that have special meaning for the artist, images that paint a picture that varies greatly from the tortured individual portrayed in her paintings? You can.
Frida Kahlo, The Two Fridas, 1939, Oil on canvas, 173,5 x 173 cm, Museum of Modern Art, Mexico-City, Mexico. Licensed Replica
In honor of the talented female artist, check out some images from a previous exhibit, "Frida Kahlo: Her Photos", which was
It doesn’t seem like Frida fever will ever quite subside. This time it’s Spanish-born Mexican pop star Belinda who’s caught