- Off to the side of the altar is a doorway leading to a small prayer room with a wall of cast off crutches, and an entrance
We have Ice Cube’s 1995 classic, Friday, to thank for the very useful phrase “Bye, Felicia”: In the movie, his character
“Pelosi and Boehner negotiated the new offsets but there are serious procedural problems,” a senior Democratic aide told
These days, the Michigan native is attempting to raise awareness for the importance of early childhood development via her
“What’s magic about the movie is it takes everyday stuff that you would normally cry about or normally be depressed about
According to a press release , "Bye Felicia" is an 8-episode series that will follow Atlanta-based life coaches Deborah Hawkes
Deadline reports that "Friday the 13th" will be adapted into a dramatic TV series. The news comes after the announcement
Bad pickup line: "I'm not a photographer..." Americans were unduly concerned with teenage drinking and driving habits in
"It's made of boyfriend material." Don't expect it to work. Alternatively, you can go up to someone and say, "Hi, I'm [your
"Friday" singer Rebecca Black recently stunned us with her latest viral hit, "Saturday." The title left some internet users
Via Reddit A gif of the clip, originally posted to YouTube in 2008, surfaced on Reddit today, but it's missing one very important