Friday the 13th

Americans haven't seen a full harvest moon on the supposedly unlucky day since 2000. This one will be teeny.
"Either somebody really didn't think this through... or they really did."
The singer did a folksy, country rendition of the funk and soul hit “September.”
Stephen King, FDR and Napoleon were all afraid of Friday the 13th. Here's how the date got its bad rap.
The actress was kicked out of the restaurant for her behavior.
It's time to move our cattitudes out of the dark ages and stop demonizing America's favorite pet. The simple truth is cats make the world a better place. So if you see a black cat on Friday the 13th (or any day) consider yourself lucky. After all, the only bad luck following cats is people's superstitions.
Things won't be this odd again until January 3, 2105 (1/3/05).
But don't worry.
Up until the patriarchal revolution, both Fridays and 13s were held in the very highest esteem. Both the day and the number were associated with the Great Goddesses, and therefore, regarded as the sacred essence of luck and good fortune.
I personally think it's unfair that women are discriminated against because of their height. Women shouldn't be judged on how tall they are but rather on how hot they are.