friday the 13th superstitions

It's time to move our cattitudes out of the dark ages and stop demonizing America's favorite pet. The simple truth is cats make the world a better place. So if you see a black cat on Friday the 13th (or any day) consider yourself lucky. After all, the only bad luck following cats is people's superstitions.
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Fear of the number 13 -- a condition also known as triskaidekaphobia -- may even predate Jesus, though. One Norse myth tells
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Superstitions abound in the fitness world. They usually evolve accidentally when an athlete has a good -- or sometimes bad -- performance and then attempts to establish cause and effect by reviewing the facts of the performance.
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It's time to reclaim the original meaning of Friday the 13. Let's reject the fear factor and find luck and abundance, safety and pleasure wherever we look.
In honor of Friday the 13th, Jimmy Fallon decided to run a very special edition of his Late Night Hashtags. The theme was