Is there anything better than a salad? Yes, a lot, actually. But these make-ahead recipes that get better the longer they
"That's why we need to drive back before it gets dark." Muslims believe that the very gates of Heaven are opened up during
Sliced Bread: 2 weeks (just be sure to inspect for mold) Recorked Wine: 1 to 3 days - tops Dressed Salads: 3 to 5 days. (The
Make some room between the Greek yogurt and kale for these nutritional gems.
What and where you put things both inside and outside the refrigerator can have a huge affect on your eating habits.
ILLUSTRATION BY KIRSTY PARGETER/GETTY Our fridges let out a collective groan under the weight of everything we stuff in them
Not everything you bring home from the grocery store should be stored inside the climate-controlled box.
According to Hawking, there exists an entire universe that is based on that innocuous bread choice. Somewhere, in a galaxy far, far away, you are eating sourdough toast and Virginia stops Virginia Tech at the 42 yard line and walks away with the win.