fried food

You were going to throw them out anyway — so why not fry them up?
From Korean condiments to gut-friendly and air-fried foods, here’s what restaurants and chefs will be serving up in 2018.
1 cup Rice 1/2 cup water 1 cup Sugar Food Colouring or Turmeric (to make rice yellow) 1/4 teaspoon Cardamon Powder Few Pineapple
This recipe is made in two parts, the filling and the batter. Typically eaten with a chutney of your choice and can be in
Today I will be showing How to make Pakora. CLICK 2 TWEET Ingredients for Pakora: Onions - 2 sliced Fenugreek Leave - A handful
Of course, the EVOO-enriched veggies also showed higher caloric and fat content. But everything in moderation, right? Related
Each one of these takes on traditional game-day snack food is a little different, but they're all addictively good (you may even want to make a double batch).
Guacamole has become an essential party appetizer but is there a way to make it even more appealing?
You might want to rethink what you're putting between your chopsticks.
The real appeal lies in the crisp breadcrumb coating and in the flavor of the frying fat.
Crinkle, curly, shoestring, steak, or waffle: just about everyone has a passionate opinion.
Atlanta, Georgia: One Flew South Airports are typically known for being a hub of flight delays, lost luggage claims and disgruntled
Made with candy corn, Pillsbury crescent dough and a dusting of powdered sugar, these doughy confections are “buttery” and
If we've learned one thing about food in the past few years, it's that if it exists, someone will find a way to deep-fry it.
Just because the South lays claim to fried chicken, BBQ, and mac & cheese, doesn't mean the rest of the U.S. isn't doing it right, too.