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Most startups begin with 'Friends & Family' (F&F) money. It's supposedly the easiest money to raise. Why? You have an existing
Watch out: You might have caught a case of your co-worker's bad mood.
met Marcie when we were in the fourth grade, and then a few years later, at 14, we met Michele when we all worked together as hostesses at The Naples Dinner Theater. We've shared decades of friendship that have sustained me through many tough times.
In many companies, the act of "buddy hiring" runs rampant, so much so that the organization becomes a surrogate of another company, with friends and family working for each other, covering each other's backs to the point where nothing gets done.
Spread a little generosity Take time off Be festive. Surrounding ourselves with those who make us the happiest doesn't have
During her visit to HuffPost Live, Graham also voiced her relief at the Season 5 renewal. "In this TV landscape, to have
"Captain America" alum joins Jason Lee pilot. Derek Luke will appear in crime thriller "Second Sight" for CBS, playing Det
Rory Gilmore could be heading back to our screens this fall. Alexis Bledel has been cast alongside Jason Ritter in Fox's
Jason Ritter has been cast in "Friends And Family." The "Parenthood" actor joins the Fox pilot as Gavin, a twentysomething
After watching 100 adults for a year, researchers discovered that the closer you are to someone genetically or emotionally
Many entrepreneurs initially reach-out to friends and family as a source of capital. This is understandable, but generally a mistake.
The lender will "require you to have meaningful amount of capital at risk," says Charles Green, a former banker and author