friendship day

3. Ystävänpäivä or Friendship Day Photo credit: Imgur November 11 marks Singles' Day in China, an unofficial holiday that
Social media users are filling the Twittersphere with a cascade of kindhearted posts today -- but we're hoping it lasts the
Brace yourself for a big group hug. Why? Because August 5 is Friendship Day. The holiday, which takes place on the first
More than a decade ago, Kappa Delta Sorority created Friendship Day, and then turned it into a month-long celebration of
With the hectic pace of our lives, it's too easy to take friendships, even very good ones, for granted. Use Friendship Day as an excuse to rethink and realign your friendship priorities.
Even the clueless among us know that close friendships aren't made or celebrated on a single day. They're nurtured by repeated contacts over time when we share our real selves with others.