By Jerry Zezima Still, you never know when you will no longer be gainfully (or, in my case, ungainfully) employed. So, because
You wouldn't want to play this guy in ultimate.
The sport that was invented as a joke has come quite a long way.
Two Bosnian men were clearly showing off for the ladies when they displayed their sick frisbee skills. The video, uploaded
With the grandstands filling up with players-turned-fans, organizers handed out the beer. The Tianjin team plays a fast-and
There is one magnificent sport that -- despite flying under the radar -- is about to come out of the shadows: Ultimate Frisbee.
Dogs are notoriously in love with Frisbees, but this Rottweiler might be taking that excitement to a whole new level. Zeus
Brodie Smith is still at it. Two years after the Ultimate Frisbee star completed a pass to a receiver on a moving speedboat