From Dusk Till Dawn

Logo has declared T.J. Cotrona one the "hottest men of horror TV," not that far behind The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus. His video clips have made top tumblr posts, and he's included on one fan's Secret Celebrity Crush page right above Marlon Brando.
"I threw out that we'd love to put her in somewhere."
Unfortunately, given that Wilmer's post That '70s Show career has mostly been built around family-friendly fare like Handy Manny... Well, it was kind of hard to imagine how that preschool program could be used as fodder for a haunted house.
VOXXI: I’m sure arepas always remind you of home. What can you tell us about the political situation in your home country
He adds, "What's great about 'Sin City' always was its simplicity and design. Frank Miller did better than anybody. With
The crowds began to come just as I was leaving -- no one dancing on the tables yet, but many furs, high heels, slicked back
Robert Rodriguez's commitment to remaining an "outsider" safely distanced from Hollywood has provided him considerable independence, influencing both how he taps into his creativity, as well as how he applies it through the craft of filmmaking.
April 20 - May 20 Taurus Us Tauruses, we love us the Mother Goddess. We just do, is all. May I present to you the Mayan Goddess