frozen drinks

“There’s no shame in frozen cocktails.” Damn right there isn't.
We will never tire of rosé. And that’s a good thing, because we just discovered the most refreshing way to drink it. Our
It's almost physically impossible to do anything but grin while you're slurping boozy slush through a straw.
I always try to get creative with how I make them. You can put all kinds of things in smoothies. Flavored yogurt (frozen or regular!) ice cream, frozen coffee ice cubes, fruit, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, honey, juice and even oatmeal. Maybe not all of those things together, but you get the idea.
Hello, there is a giant basket full of your most favorite candy sitting in your house. How can you not abandon any sense of having a nutritional lunch where there is candy in the house? It gets even worse when there is candy, booze and ice cream in the house -- hence this recipe.
It's National Daiquiri Day and this year we're going to celebrate.
If these iced coffees don't get you excited for the season, nothing will.
Cool down during this heat wave with a classic, refreshing daiquiri.
By Lynn Andriani What do you get when a little paper umbrella walks into a bakery? These frothy cocktails, which taste like
Want to know what's more refreshing than an ice-cold beer on a hot summer day? A beer so cold that it's frozen. We're not
Talk about the drink and vendors hawking the sale of Nutcracker can often be found on Twitter as well. UPPER MANHATTAN — Cops