The study was conducted by giving mice levels of sucrose and fructose comparable to levels in western diets. The researchers found sugar’s impact on inflammatory pathways is the culprit.
So, is sugar toxic? As mentioned before, the study aimed to keep caloric intake steady, and for the kids' weight to stay
More kids today are eating highly processed foods and drinks instead of fresh fruits, vegetables and prepared foods. Does the source of the calories matter? I used to think not. I used to think that what we are eating is fine but that we just need to eat less of it. However, I've proved myself wrong.
The new study was published Friday (May 1) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The researchers
Surprisingly, those health and fitness magazines we all love to hate even improve our choices. Maybe it's time to put the
Folks, when it comes to food, and food for thought alike, it is mostly stupidity that is killing us. Stupidity is worse for us than either sugar or saturated fat.
On nutrition labels, sugar is just sugar. But when it comes to how the body metabolizes that sugar, there are two very different
Perhaps Big Soda has inadvertently given us the very best reason to support SB 1000, the Soda Warning Label Bill. Either
Here's what we actually know. In the U.S., more dairy in the diet -- of whatever variety -- is generally associated with better health and weight outcomes. But that is likely because in the context of our culture, more dairy means less soda. In global context, some of the world's healthiest diets and most convincing intervention trials have de-emphasized, or even excluded dairy.