Frustration is high, with the state almost nowhere to be seen and promised international help slow in coming.
"Right now, the vice president, to me, is not doing a good job at bringing folks together," the senator said.
North Korea's criticism appears to be a continuation of its frustration at deadlocked nuclear negotiations with the United States.
The 30-minute "Brexfit" classes have punching bags featuring the mugs of Britain's most hated politicians.
Of course, you don't need me to tell you that this is a stressful election. According to a Harris poll conducted for the
Psychologists call this quality reactance: the desire to do the things that are proscribed. For example, attempting to control
It's not all that bad though, I do get woken up with sloppy kisses and hugs around the neck as well as having someone who
A recent work trip found me networking with two women I hadn't met before. It didn't take long before I noticed a pattern pop up. Let's see if you catch it.
Bill was the playful one of the pair. He had a job, but striving, worry, and stress were not his style. Hard-working, serious