"Right now, the vice president, to me, is not doing a good job at bringing folks together," the senator said.
North Korea's criticism appears to be a continuation of its frustration at deadlocked nuclear negotiations with the United States.
The 30-minute "Brexfit" classes have punching bags featuring the mugs of Britain's most hated politicians.
Some of my students shared stories from decades ago. The acts of kindness were so small, they might barely have registered
How can you do that? Recognizing the importance of uncertainty for spicing up life is a good start. We all know, at some
Emotional exhaustion can take on many forms such as crying, pleading, bribery, leaving the house with mismatching shoes and
A recent work trip found me networking with two women I hadn't met before. It didn't take long before I noticed a pattern pop up. Let's see if you catch it.
Bill: "I'm not goofing off; I'm enjoying my life. You are so uptight. Why can't you chill out?" Praise for Happily Ever After
Mental Health is what we all strive for on a daily and long term basis. But what can we do to get there? Here are some tips.
You can take that one step further by trying to figure out if there's a nugget of good or a learning lesson in what you're
I struggle. I struggle to inform my friends, my colleagues, students, and the "masses" about human interference with wildlife, climate change, and how our diet contributes to both these problems.
Most of the time, those moments involve other people: our children, our co-workers, our spouses. Don't you wish that you had a magic switch that would change their behavior? Of course you do, because if everyone would just see things your way, you could stay calm.
Because we are struggling with an issue we have difficulty solving, like not having clear understanding of the cost benefit
They do everything they can to control nature's elements. And, at first, things start to look impressive. And, really, that's
Frustration can make a person really, really angry. Infuriated. Mad. Bonkers! So, if you are feeling this way, what are you
Everyone working on their own business feels overwhelmed from time to time. We get stressed out trying to do tasks that are
What to do? A few ideas to help you dig out: No matter what non-verbal hints we tried, the guy did not stop talking. For
While it can be rewarding, as many caregivers know, this job can also be very frustrating as well. Alzheimer's disease is a condition that can completely change the behavior and the personality of the individual it impacts.