Unfortunately. As a transgender man being a couple years on hormones, I thought I would never see a period again. I was wrong
She was described as beautiful by her longtime friend Mary Young. Many reports from the media also misgendered her and male
Transgender Youtuber Cameron Russo, talks about how his acne due to transitioning has made him more insecure than before
I ask you today to get uncomfortable, learn, listen and absorb these ways that will allow you to show up and be an ally to the trans community in particular.
I wanted this life so bad that I put my fears aside. Would I rather be depressed and suicidal or give myself a shot and know that the outcome is everything I have ever wanted?
I recently turned 22 on October 21st. The day before my mom and I went out for dinner. She got me a card and told me, "I
The left is 2013, at my high school graduation. A month before I cut my hair, a month before I moved out to start my transition
Parental support in any child's life is key. But what do you do when your parents turn their backs on you, all because you want to be happy?
Before coming out as transgender, I was worried about how they would adjust to my change.
I've always had some acne on my chin even before starting hormones. I figured because of this I would be prone to getting
September 14th, 2016 I decided to say goodbye to a little friend of mine that I've known for a little over two years, my mustache. It was the first bit of facial hair I got from starting testosterone in May of 2014.
"I would hide in my room and put on a Justin Bieber wig, a big t-shirt and portray myself as a male online just to feel more
Imagine that you've been transitioning for years and gone through all the happiness of having a 'second puberty'-your voice changing, body hair growing, shoulders broadening-and then suddenly you wake up with a pain you never thought you would have to face again.
Beyond the Binary is an ever growing playlist of videos that are made to help navigate the transition process while also
Why confine myself to the gender binary -- where neither felt right -- for the sake of others?
Transmasculine bodies go beyond society’s masculine ideals ― beyond what the media shows. There’s no right way to be a transgender
Despite the mass amounts of planning and money required, top surgery is a very important milestone in most of our transitions, and nothing makes us light up more than seeing ourselves getting closer to the body that we not only had to work for, but were meant to have.