Fuel efficiency

Currently, the GM SUVs are among the least-efficient new passenger vehicles on the road, and the mileage hasn’t improved much in the past decade.
Public hearings begin this week on the Environmental Protection Agency's plan supporting gas-guzzling vehicles.
Strong, smart fuel efficiency policies will help put money back into the pockets of consumers and truckers from savings at the pump, while giving the U.S., and our planet, an extended breath of fresh air.
Buying a car is an important decision and one that tends to be based on the answers to a multitude of questions. How well does the car handle while driving off road? What type of city and highway mileage can I expect? What is the size and performance capabilities of the engine?
This year, as the regulatory agencies review the 2025 standards, industry voices should not be calling for the standards to be rolled back. This is not the time to again look in the rearview mirror.