Russia and China's uproar over harmless radiation that their own nuclear plants regularly release is part of a disinformation campaign, the Japanese government told HuffPost.
Scary as it may sound, it’s a routine event and scientific evidence suggests it’s harmless.
The 7.4-magnitude temblor knocked out power and cause extensive damage to peoples' properties breaking windows and smashing furniture.
The quake hit near Fukushima, where buildings shook violently.
Although the hospital wasn’t hit by the tsunami, the sight of the city from the top floor completely changed in front of her eyes as 1,522 households were swallowed by the waves.
Japan's Meteorological Agency issued a tsunami advisory.
“I have been able to build relationships with the survivors, not just listen to their stories," says Ari Beser.
Five years after the earthquake and tsunami, Japan is still picking up the pieces.