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You're probably frantically trying to pack, making lists of museums and monuments you want to see, and generally wondering what the heck you got yourself into -- especially if this is your first time on your own in a major metropolitan area.
Six Flags have pretty much dominated the hearts, minds, and queasy stomachs of Americans since their inception back in 1962. So, in the interest of giving the spotlight to a bunch of other places (that also aren't Disneyland), we rounded up a list of some of the other best amusement parks this country has to offer.
Hold onto your hats, thrill-seekers.
The glasses and the silverware are dining comforts that help to make this restaurant stand out from its similarly-priced
By keeping things around us, we weigh ourselves down. We stack things on shelves and we pile things in closets and we store things in bins in the attic and in the basement. We cling to them, surrounding ourselves with tangible reminders of moments past.
In honor of International Women's Day, let's celebrate womanhood. Let's live, love and laugh like there is no tomorrow!
Every week, we round up the best 140-character quips and insights from our esteemed blogging team -- and other equally awesome
Sure, you love hanging out with your friends, but even when you're spending quality time with your crew, you can still manage
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In the hopes of achieving success and getting things on the right track, let's all agree to say goodbye to the following 10 things. Like American Idol, Grey's Anatomy and Glee, they had their time in the sun, but let's face it, it's over.
Man up, go organic. Organic dudes to the rescue: Challenge your bud to go organic for a month. My first impulse was to shorten
As these theme parks testify, your next family vacation doesn't have to be a series of long queues for the same old roller coasters, giant swings, or Ferris wheels.
There's nothing quite like a birthday to get you thinking about life. I'll turn 32 next month. Lately, I've been thinking there's something about this particular time in life I just want to bottle up. But what is it? I decided to ask some 30-something friends and colleagues to chime in too. Here's what we came up with.
Maybe if I scheduled procrastination I would do homework instead — Keough Novak (@KeoNovak) October 27, 2014 Two days before
For weeks in advance, kids raid thrift stores and even team up with obliging parents to masquerade as their most flagrant or forbidden selves. (In both fifth and sixth grades, my good Catholic mother meticulously applied my sinister Gene Simmons face paint.)
If you don't find something here that appeals to you. Then you can check the Funding & Grants resources to
Beyoncé's hair is always blowing because she has so many fans. — Neel Swamy (@neel_swamy) September 10, 2014 This week's
Every week, we round up the best 140-character quips and insights from our esteemed blogging team -- and other equally awesome