The course criticized women's suffrage and said women shouldn't hold political office.
The opening week of 2017 saw the publication of a remarkable book, Letters to a Young Muslim, written by Omar Saif Ghobash
Repentance: "To think beyond. To break down and acknowledge reality, causing us to experience healing." We think that Christ
Morality in fundamentalist circles is merely a blunt weapon used to beat others over the head; it is not something they ever apply to themselves. Their morality is a weapon to be used against others, not a guidepost for their own lives.
"No more violence in the name of God!"
I have decided that what makes fundamentalism so vile is not that it perpetuates bigotry and hate, or the way it lacks authenticity by covering life with a veneer of false piety, or even how it erects (white) man-made boundaries to determine who's in and who's out.
The attacks occurred hours after militants killed two people in a Christian neighborhood in the same region.
Liberalism Arminianism Selah. What if our faith and our ideals are not something to be defended? Finally, an oligarchy arises
If the conviction that our gender is coequal with our newborn plumbing has an at best tenuous basis in Scripture, then it needs to be asked: what other purportedly authoritative ways of thinking about gender and its relationship to the body might be informing this conviction?
In the 19th century, biblical scholars discovered ancient stories of other "Noahs" who were saved with the animals in a great