Polls suggest he's underperforming compared to a "generic" Republican candidate.
Objectively, there is nothing inherently inappropriate for policymakers to emphasize a want for economic growth. Similarly
Whether one is referring to a Robert Browning poem or characteristic architecture of someone like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Every employee comes to work with a certain pre-conceived notion of what the business and work require of them. Without continual and clear communication from management and those at the top, one can never be sure everyone is on the same page.
What good is a lateral raise if you can't do a proper press? What good is a fancy business logo if you haven't found your first paying customer? What good is a better guitar if you haven't built the habit of practicing each day?
Beyond the importance of exploration, while the supply/trading people understood the global forces very well, they did not
On Tuesday Joe Biden laid out a simple challenge to John McCain: to name just one difference between himself and President Bush on the economy.
All Obama-Biden have to do now is talk about the banking crisis and the change in position of former deregulation champion John McCain.