funding for state and local government

Jason Linkins, HuffPost political reporter, talks with HuffPost Live hosts Jacob Soboroff and Alyona Minkovski about 'Fix The Debt', a major player in the deficit hack industry, asking people to contact their representatives to help us avert going off the fiscal cliff.
Peter Tchir of TF Market Advisors tried in a research note this morning to arrive at what some of the big numbers might look
Debt service has ballooned to $17.2 million a year from $3 million just six years ago. But Stockton's leaders burned through
The U.S. Congress has scheduled cuts of up to $1.2 trillion affecting states as part of last summer's deficit deal. Also
State and local revenue strengthened throughout 2011. For the year ended in December, total revenues were $1.35 trillion
To deal with the underlying sense of anxiety and anger, nothing will work for Democrats in the fall besides actually creating more jobs -- more short term economic opportunity. The fact is that voting for jobs is always good politics.