The former president is hauling in record donations, but he's spending most of it on expenses as his troubles mount.
“If they were a corporation, the CEO would be fired,” a GOP consultant said of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, The Washington Post reported.
Police said a 24-year-old man is in custody awaiting criminal charges after a car hit a crowd outside of a bar in Berwick, Pennsylvania.
The governor said he made a campaign appearance after learning of the Uvalde school massacre so his supporters would "know what happened."
"This is just the beginning of a very, very long journey," said Kunis, who was born in Ukraine.
A fundraising email from Donald Trump’s Save America PAC seeks donations for a new plane.
Sen. Josh Hawley defended selling a mug for campaign funds depicting his infamous Jan. 6 salute to Donald Trump supporters.
Former Trump aide Kash Patel’s "Legal Offense Trust" ties the Republican Party even closer to the deadly Jan. 6 attempt to overthrow American democracy.
The "cascade of fraud complaints" was triggered when Trump donors felt misled into making weekly donations they thought were one-time only, The New York Times reported.
Twitter users poked fun at the fundraising announcement on Fox News.