Twitter users poked fun at the fundraising announcement on Fox News.
Crackpot Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is rolling in cash after an impressive haul of donations in the first quarter, suggesting a new attack ad from moderate Republicans may struggle to dent her grassroots support.
The National Republican Congressional Committee’s new fundraising scheme tells donors that Donald Trump will know if they don’t contribute every month.
The conspiracy-peddling House member has been stripped of her committee assignments, but not her MAGA fan base.
The Texas Republican is fundraising by charging $60 for the “cancel culture collectible."
The lies Trump told at CPAC about the election and his record were not new, but his request for supporters to give money to his new political committee was a first.
The tactic mirrors Trump's calls for donations to help contest his election loss and win two Georgia Senate races. But he spent none of the cash on either.
Major League Baseball officials called the mob at the U.S. Capitol "unprecedented" and said they were suspending political contributions "pending a review" of their policies.
The fundraising figure underscores the president's fierce grip on the Republican Party, even after his loss to Joe Biden.