Experts share some tips to support children who want to participate in the memorial service for a late parent, relative or friend.
The rapper's music had a broad reach and a potent message, and notable figures including Rihanna and Cardi B took the time to pay their respects on the day of his memorial.
During the funeral service for former President George H.W. Bush, President Donald Trump sat out the Apostles’ Creed — and everyone noticed.
At his father’s funeral, former President George W. Bush slipped a mint to former first lady Michelle Obama in a joking reference to their viral candy exchange at the funeral of Sen. John McCain.
Women are becoming the new wave of morticians and funeral directors in a historically male-dominated industry.
Four victims of the Tree of Life synagogue shooting will be buried Tuesday, as President Trump plans a visit to the city.
"We will work together as one. We will defeat hate with love," Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said after the shooting at the city's Tree of Life synagogue.
Bill Clinton, Cicely Tyson and others honored the Detroit-raised "Queen of Soul."
“And I hope she don’t mind, I don’t think she would, but I think I’m gonna come out of my shoes,” Barrino said before her moving performance in Detroit.
The MSNBC host brought funeral attendees to their feet with his searing response to the president, who said Franklin "worked for me on numerous occasions."
"I don’t think that political ideology is necessarily germane to friendships,” the actor once said.
He used Barbara Bush's funeral as an opportunity to plug his golf resort.
Scott Beigel, who was shot protecting students in the massacre, didn't want to be called a hero.
America's changing religious landscape may be a factor affecting funeral practices.
Memorial Service (If you plan to have one): Think about where you'd like for it to be held. Prepare a framed photograph if
World leaders and dignitaries joined together to attend Peres' funeral.
Today, I found myself in a most unusual position of giving the eulogy at my father's funeral through FaceTime while riding a train to New York City.
At the event, vendors displayed their products for trial as well as plenty of hair and makeup options. A nail art booth urged