funeral costs

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Dear Savvy Senior, How much does an average funeral and body burial cost? I need to make funeral arrangements for my aunt
Along with the task of burial is the practice of cremation. Crematoriums once again involve unique considerations. Just like
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I had personally never given any thought to interment costs even though I am in my eighties. I thought I was in pretty good health with some good years ahead. Then I was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
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The identity of the deceased man has not been released. The woman has also not been identified. It's a violation of the state's
Both individually and collectively, we are paying an enormous emotional and financial price for being silenced by our society's taboo against talking about death and dying.
Dr. Karen Gunson said of her Oregon morgue: "We don't really want to become a storage place." Several states in the U.S. provide
So the Clinton, Ind. resident threw a benefit for herself to raise the $6,000 it would cost for a proper burial. Her community